I’m B, aka Brenda,

the heart and mind behind BMUSE 





MUSE (n) 

a person who is a source of inspiration; 


MUSE (v) 

a period of reflection; the action of considering something thoughtfully, carefully




BMUSE is a stylish, high fashion vintage brand. 

I have consciously, handpicked each piece, for the modern fashionista who considers sustainable fashion and embraces her personal style.


I hope to inspire you as BMUSE embodies my values of sustainability and self-expression, providing a positive experience to shop circular fashion without compromising on aesthetics.

BMUSE empowers you to look good and do good at the same time!






Closing the loop on textiles waste by REUSING and re-loving fashion is more than a concept, it’s a celebration!

In campaign for empowering sustainable fashion choices, BMUSE is my thoughtful approach to extending the longevity of beautiful pieces to become your timeless treasures.





“I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.”

– Freida Kahlo

My journey from fast fashion addict to sustainable activist is a testament to how mindsets can change.

The fashion industry desperately needs a reform and BMUSE is committed to an alternative way of respecting, appreciating and shopping fashion. 


BMUSE represents the women who are stylish and sustainable, chic and conscious.

Each piece is a wonderful echo of a time past and now BMUSE invites you to recreate your own contemporary narrative.

Be chic. Be bold. Be YOU. Whatever your style personality, tell your unique fashion story with confidence and sustainable panache!

Be your own muse AND the change you want to see in the future.


The next chapter is yours to style! 

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