We should be used to this by now right? Wrong!

Yes, the UK is in lockdown again and the world is still taking precautions to manage and combat the dreaded C, aka Covid-19.

It’s easy to feel down in the dumps confined at home and boredom can quickly seep in, as you: re-watch the re-runs of tv favourites; tire of trying out new recipes and revert to easy comfort food; give up (before you’ve really started) on that skill you thought you would begin; roll your eyes at going for a run outside in the cold... and so you find yourself mouching on the couch or in bed in the same clothes as yesterday (and probably the day before!).

It’s like déjà vu! Last year there were two lockdowns, and now in 2021, begins the third. We should be used to this by now right? Wrong!

I can’t remember the last time I went to the theatre and Netflix only goes so far for that cinema feel, unless you have surround sound or a home cinema!

With only essential retail still open, there’s a huge restriction to what we can and can’t do, and even when things re-open, there’s a strong possibility that this won’t be the last lockdown we’ll see this year.

Essential for now and beyond lockdown

So, drumroll please….

Introducing the new BMUSE Essential Lockdown Kit!

Think of this as a survival kit, containing a BMUSE Stylish & Sustainable T-shirt, a BMUSE Tote Bag and a complimentary BMUSE Face Mask.

These three items are essential to get you through lockdown and beyond because you need to wear clothes, so why not wear a sustainable t-shirt whilst lounging or working from home or when you go to the supermarket. T-shirts are an effortless styling piece and are comfy and perfect for wearing throughout the day and to sleep in!

What makes the BMUSE Stylish and Sustainable T-shirt super special is that they are reclaimed, made from deadstock fabric and hand printed by me, making each t-shirt


A reusable bag is a shopping must-have. Forget plastic bags, the BMUSE Stylish & Sustainable Tote is the eco-friendly alternative, made from ethically sourced cotton and hand-printed by me. Essential and functional, the Tote can be used everywhere for all your shopping needs. The neutral colour will also compliment whatever you’re wearing so you can be stylish and sustainable at the same time!

Masks are an unquestionable necessity and the Essential Lockdown Kit comes with a complimentary BMUSE Face Mask because I care about your health and safety.

The BMUSE labels are made of recycled materials and are sewn on by me.

In a nutshell, the Essential Lockdown Kit supports sustainable fashion by:

  • Using deadstock t-shirts

  • Using ethically sourced cotton tote bags

  • Using labels made from recycled materials

  • Personal hand-printing and sewing

The BMUSE Essential Lockdown Kit is reusable, washable, functional, fashionable- an essential for now and beyond lockdown.

We will get through this crisis, so let’s do it together with style and sustainability in mind.


All items are available to purchase individually also.

Brenda x