Cup of coffee

Coffee purists, be warned!

How has lockdown impacted your coffee consumption? I have been drinking more coffee during lockdown than ever before! I’m not even a coffee drinker! Surely I can’t be the only one! I was enticed by Starbucks vegan cream topping, and the rest is history!

As a treat, I enjoy indulging in a coffee, preferably with oat milk- I’ve upgraded from soya! I don’t buy coffee to make at home- I wouldn’t know where to begin! Some things are just best left to the experts, so I’ll continue engaging in lighthearted chatter with the baristas and let them work their magic!

Now, I understand hearing vegan cream topping and oat milk may make the most staunch coffee aficionados shudder at the sacrilege, and I mean no offence to anyone, but for my semi-not-so-semi casual coffee dalliances, allow me to imbibe without judgement!

With increasing sips, I have been thinking about how personalities are like different types of coffee drinks: are you bitter, all froth or a smooth blend?

With this in mind, along came the inspiration for Collection 2.


I firmly believe clothes have character. Think of a power suit, for example. The structure and tailoring of the suit is designed to evoke a sense of authority, such that when you wear it, you feel confident and empowered. If you wear a power suit and don’t feel confident, you and the suit will look disjointed, as though the suit doesn't fit properly.

It’s about mindset. You are supposed to be wearing the suit, not the suit wearing you!

Have you ever seen people, who look a hot mess (in your opinion), yet their confidence levels are through the roof? It’s because they believe they look good and nobody can convince them otherwise! I'll say it again, it's about mindset.

If you step out into the world believing in yourself then others will have to fall in line; some may still doubt you, but why care about people who don’t believe in you?

With self belief, you can do unimaginable things if you want to. Successful ideas and successful people don't come without challenges, but conviction in your belief will triumph above this! Ever heard of Eddie The Eagle? There are many other examples I can give, but the point I’m honing in on is mindset.

Hope you enjoyed the pep talk, now back to coffee and vintage!

Having considered how different coffee drinks can represent different personalities, and knowing that clothes have character, I have thought about how these all relate and came up with a coffee drink name for each piece in the collection!

So, grab a coffee, put your feet up and read away….

Introducing the Café au Lait Collection…


Gorgeously chunky, this cardigan is essentially a blanket giving you a hug and keeping you warm! Not only is espresso concentrated coffee, but espresso refers to the specific method of coffee brewing and is intricate in detail like the beautiful, skilled hand knitting present in this incredible piece. I’m sure devotees will attest to better quality coffee coming from more traditional preparations, just as vintage knits are far superior to modern offerings.

This one-of-a-kind piece is for the woman who respects quality.

Flat White

This vintage off-white shirt is nicknamed the ‘Flat White’ and elevates far beyond your standard white shirt. Do not underestimate the power of these bishop sleeves making a fashion statement whichever way you style her. Just like the espresso layered with steamed milk and microfoam in a flat white, this shirt keeps giving and giving.

Bold sleeves + bold coffee = bold fashion lover.


Only espresso and hot water in this coffee drink, making it tried and true for a no-nonsense drink, just as leather is a trusted, robust fabric. This amazing vintage leather bomber jacket won’t let you down! Step aside from the typical black leather and be different. This neutral colour will easily pair with your favourites and every wardrobe needs a vintage leather jacket, so why not this one?


Not all lattes are made equal. It’s the creamy, velvety milk with foam layer that defines a latte. Likewise, not all leggings are the same. I’m sure you’ve seen some see-through leggings malfunctions when walking down the street or at the gym!

Thankfully, Escada has served a tall glass of thick, quality, designer luxury with this vintage beauty! Enjoy these stirrup leggings/trousers in a casual or smart style, perfect like a latte at any time of day, for work or play.


A tricolour of taupe, cream and tan harmoniously imprints this exceptional vintage llama coat, lending consideration to the balanced thirds of coffee, milk and foam in a cappuccino. A sprinkling of chocolate or latte art on your cappuccino, results in a visually appealing drink, just like the beautiful finish to this coat.

For her who takes note of details.

To drink, a cappuccino is hot and smooth; to wear, this coat is warm and soft. You won’t find another like it!

Café au lait

Made in France, this rare 1980’s power dress has got to be café au lait! This iconic vintage piece has the shoulder pads, adornments and attached blazer, all reminiscent of classic Parisian haute couture. It seems only right to dedicate this distinguished number to the coffee drink from the same French origins.

Just as café au lait is made in a particular way, this power dress is for the fashion lover with a refined palette who knows exactly how to wear this distinguished beauty.


Mocha, an ideal blend to be enjoyed throughout the day, like this versatile vintage Jaeger shirt dress that can transition from morning to evening and through all seasons. At first glance, you see the simplicity in style, but then like the chocolate in a mocha, the statement pleating details add the finishing touch!

For the woman who appreciates understated simplicity with an edge.

Irish Coffee

From the pearls, to the sequins, and rhinestone embellishments, this bejewelled 1980’s sweater deserves to be linked to a speciality coffee such as Irish coffee! With espresso, Irish whiskey, whipped cream and sugar, this fabulous vintage sweater looks as delicious as this drink sounds! Just as Irish coffee is not consumed by all coffee drinkers, this sweater is not for the average-girl-next-door who doesn’t dip her toe in unique style. This gem is for the woman who dares to stand out!

I hope you enjoyed reading the thinking behind the collection.

Which style is your favourite?

I’m off to get a coffee! In the meantime, you can shop the collection!

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Brenda x