Summer Sets: Essential Summer Style

Summer style should be comfortable, versatile and fun!

With the warmer weather, you don’t want to be fidgeting in your clothes and worrying about wardrobe malfunctions; your outfit needs to work for you, effortlessly!

On the days when you need a look that can take you from day to night or from work to play, versatility is key to choosing an outfit that ticks all the boxes of making your style transformation a breeze.

Summer sets to the rescue! Sets are perfect for the comfort and style switch up factor.

Ready, sets, go!

The ease of wearing a set, knowing that your outfit is complete takes the stress away from wondering what to wear to [insert event]. Finish your look with your shoes, bag and any accessories.

Sets also have the benefit of allowing you to wear the pieces as separates, instantly maximising your wear keeping your looks fresh and evolving as you get more creative with your pairing choices.

The BMUSE Summer Sets collection is a beautiful edit of vintage sets for your ready-to-wear needs. Think summer BBQs, parties, brunch, the beach, even work, there’s a set here for every occasion!

These summer sets are fun to wear and will have you dressed in no time! And, don’t worry about bumping into the next girl wearing the same outfit, these are rare summer sets that will have you stand out from the crowd!

From classy to casual, dresses to shorts, each of these unique summer sets are essential for your stylish and sustainable summer!

Ready, sets, go!

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Brenda x