The Shacket: What, Who, Wear

What is a shacket?

A shacket is the blended style of a shirt and a jacket.

Shackets appear as a mix between oversized button-down shirts and lightweight jackets, but are thicker than a standard shirt and thinner than a traditional jacket; a happy medium that aligns perfectly as an all-season wardrobe staple.

Nestling somewhere between smart and casual, shackets come in a variety of designs and fabrics making this shirt-jacket hybrid, a favourite two-in-one style alternative to wear as the main or layering piece from spring through winter.

Shacket = Shirt + Jacket

Who can wear a shacket?

If ever there was a style-saviour that flattered every individual body shape and size, it’s the shacket, as they literally suit everyone! No matter what your beautiful body looks like, shackets are an inclusive piece of clothing that works well for the body-confident and body-conscious, so we all can enjoy wearing shackets.

As a timeless piece, shackets are always on-trend and with the many styles available, shackets can be seen among all fashion lovers, from the edgy fashionistas to super girly types alike.

How to Wear a Shacket

Shackets are a stylish seasonal hero piece that delivers on versatility and functionality.

Imagine having an item of clothing that you can wear from January to December, reinventing and creating different looks to suit the occasion… that’s what a shacket can do! Whether you wear a shacket as the statement or a layering piece, the shacket guarantees to be that hardworking, reliable piece that you’ll be reaching for again and again.

Styling a shacket is easy and endless. Of course, your shacket can always be worn by itself, but in colder temperatures, you can wear your shacket over a turtleneck and under your coat, and in warmer weather, your shacket can be layered over a t-shirt.

By simply wearing your shacket buttoned up or undone, you instantly elevate or casualise your look which is the perfect transitioning piece from day to night, keeping your style game on point!

For the style-savvy, a shacket has no limitations. Whilst layering a shacket over a t-shirt paired with trousers or jeans is a solid style, experiment layering a shacket over a slip dress, for example. Just have fun!

The BMUSE Shacket

This gorgeous, rare, vintage leather reversible shacket in a rich cognac colour is an exquisite piece that gives you the best of both: smooth leather and suede.

Wear for work, to lunch, in the evening or when you’re out and about. The versatility and styling potential has no end. Pair with a belt and add your favourite accessories to transform your look time and time again.

An absolute must-have for your forever wardrobe.

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Brenda x