Vintage Spring Knits

Spring is in the air and it’s a season with a transitional feel; bridging the gap between the cold aftermath of winter and the beckoning warmth of summer. This ambivalent temperature calls for knits that can weigh the balance of being just right for your spring styling needs and holding up against the elements.

“This spring, the must have item is a checkered knit”

Before coming across the article in Vogue, I had already curated Collection 4, called Prints Please! with colour and prints in mind. The selection process took seasonality, functionality and style into account, so when I read “This spring, the must have item is a checkered knit”, I knew my thinking was on the right path!

Although not checkered, in the traditional sense, but pattern-worthy none-the-less, this collection has two cardigans with colourful, vibrant prints reflecting geometric shapes and symmetrical patterns.

Made of natural fibres, including luxury alpaca and mohair, the premium quality of these very special cardigans is a testament to the skill of Bolivian artisans who hand-loomed the sleeveless cardigan, and the craftsmanship or craftswomanship of the long cardigan.

Collection 4 is a celebration of prints and bold colour in anticipation for the upcoming season and BMUSE is bringing you two fabulous cardigans that will elevate your spring knit style.

Shop these two exceptional cardigans and more incredible spring style in Collection 4, Prints Please! available now.

Brenda x