BMUSE is not a moment. BMUSE is a MOVEMENT

Intentionally launched on Earth Day 2020, during Fashion Revolution Week and at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic; BMUSE is making a statement. 

By honouring vintage as preloved fashion that already exists, we are not causing any further harm to people and the environment.


Raising awareness of sustainable fashion is still a priority, albeit seeming to take a backseat on the global agenda amidst the crisis.

BMUSE is continuing the sustainability conversation and remains committed to making a positive impact by encouraging circular fashion.

BMUSE is proudly an ethically, environmentally and sustainably operated brand. 

Core Sustainability Values 

  • Items are all vintage or deadstock. No new products are manufactured

  • Vegan operated brand (I've been vegan for 15+ years)

  • No new leather or other animal skins or real fur is ever sold by BMUSE

  • All inserts included with an order are fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable 

  • Polymailers are made from sustainable vegetation, are recyclable and have a zero carbon footprint 

  • BMUSE uses zero plastic 

  • All BMUSE stock has been sourced within the UK, keeping the carbon footprint low

  • BMUSE is a one-woman run business; no employees, no supply chain, no exploitation 

  • BMUSE is always striving to be as sustainable as possible 


BMUSE does not compromise on ethics or aesthetics.


With vintage fashion being at the core, you can confidently be stylish and chic whilst expressing yourself proudly by choosing sustainable style. 


Curated with love for all the fashionistas who want to own their unique style and recognise the value in telling a modern vintage story.  


Let's restore the Earth and reclaim fashion one piece at a time!

Always stylish. Always sustainable.




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