Introducing the new BMUSE Slogan T-shirt

Stylish & Sustainable 

BMUSE champions sustainable style and now I'm saying it even louder!

The UK sends around 350,000 tonnes of clothes to landfill every year with an estimated landfilling cost of £82 million*

BMUSE is determined to help combat this waste by rescuing and reusing t-shirts that already exist.


Each t-shirt will be made to order and packaged by me.




About deadstock


The BMUSE Stylish & Sustainable t-shirt is made

from deadstock fabric, which often refers to surplus

stock that was never sold and is no longer available.

The t-shirts are:
- 'new' because they are unworn and not secondhand
- 'old' because they are out of season/ vintage 
- sometimes likely to have slight imperfections


Rescued from landfill, these t-shirts have a new lease of life!   

About BMUSE T-shirts

T-shirts are 100% cotton

Being deadstock, all the t-shirts vary in colour, cut

and length and may have minor flaws

T-shirts are unisex and will be available in sizes

Small, Medium, Large

Please allow up to 14 days for your t-shirt to be printed 


Read the full info here


WHY BMUSE t-shirts are different

Sourced - Designed - Printed - Packaged... by me


Fashion is riddled with concerns about waste and ethical practices, but BMUSE is different.


Every t-shirt is handmade, with love by me.

  • Being deadstock, the t-shirts are supporting sustainable, circular and conscious fashion 

  • The t-shirts will be made to order- no mass production or labour exploitation

  • I created the slogan and logo design 

  • I will hand-print each t-shirt 

  • Zero waste 

  • Vegan


Have peace of mind knowing the name and face behind who made your Stylish & Sustainable t-shirt.